Extreme Towing & Recovery officially began providing exceptional towing services to our customers July 3rd 1996. Extreme has been established as a trustworthy and valuable asset for many city and state organizations, as well as providing an honorable and reliable business service to the general public. Extremes success was created by superior public relations with excellent employees to endorse it. 
Extreme is dedicated to delivering quality services and presenting a superior company image. Extreme promotes employee development with emphasis on integrity, trust, and teamwork. We view service to our customers as our most important responsibility. Our employees are expected to carry out this policy by extending every courtesy and assistance towards our customers. The growth of our organization can be attributed to our employee’s knowledge, skill and commitment to providing outstanding customer service.
Our light-duty and flatbed fleet can meet our customers' demands. Our flatbeds provide damage-free towing to your motorcycle, low-profile or exotic vehicles, and commercial fleet. We are equipped to handle your most delicate move, whether it's a forklift, container or machine.

Our medium-duty tow trucks are our most versatile trucks in our fleet, designed to handle a wide variety of trucks, trailers and motor homes. We will provide you with the size of truck that best suits your needs, quickly and efficiently.

With our extensive fleet of heavy-duty trucks we can handle anything from the toughest jobs to even the most delicate situations with professional service. We make sure that behind the wheel of every truck and every piece of equipment is a highly trained operator who is as courteous as he is skillful.