Municipal Towing Extreme Towing provides towing, impounding, and storage services to police and sheriff departments when a motor vehicle operator has been arrested, or is unlicensed, uninsured, or when the vehicle has been illegally parked, abandoned, stolen and recovered, or is unregistered. Extreme Towing has the service capacity of towing cars, trucks, buses, motor homes, tractor-trailers, motorcycles, etc. Our company conducts lien sales and auctions when owners fail to claim their vehicles within a period prescribed by law.

Private Property Towing
•Non-patrons park in our lot and shop elsewhere. How can we stop this?
•How can we stop unauthorized people from using handicap zones?
•We were fined for not keeping fire-lanes clear. What can we do?
•How can I avoid fines for having vehicles with expired tags on our property?
•What if a vehicle parks in my assigned space? 

When unauthorized people park on your private Extreme Towing and we'll tow, impound, and store their vehicles. Extreme Towing can provide violation stickers, parking permits and signs for each properties we service, at no cost.

Vehicle owners are responsible for fees associated with this service. You can expect fair and equitable handling of parking violators without price gouging or unethical treatment. We staff safe, uniformed and courteous drivers.

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